Episode 203: Diagnosis for Success | Linda Jordon

How do you respond to adversity and challenges in life and business?

As children, everything seems possible. We imagine what life will be like — we make plans and dream about the future.  Then, we grow up and often decide to choose a conventional, traditional career path because it seems safe. In this week’s episode, you will discover that it is never too late to realize your dreams.  No matter how old you are, childhood experiences and aspirations can provide clues for future success.

Our guest, Linda Jordon, started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 12, selling shoes door-to-door. Linda went on to graduate from college and began what would become a thirty-year career in the corporate world. A health crisis reminded Linda of her self-employment dreams, and within two weeks of her diagnosis, she retired and started the first of five businesses.

Drive, desire, and resilience are key elements for success in business and will help you to overcome fears and pursue life goals. Linda relied on those personal traits to overcome the initial challenges in starting her business, which included determining how to properly set up the business, securing financial investment, and learning how to best market her services.

Linda shares the importance of starting a business, of building your credibility, the distinction between marketing and revenue generation, and many more helpful tips for emerging entrepreneurs.

Take inspiration from how her being the first family member to entrepreneurship has impacted her family, and why it’s important she shares her knowledge with the younger generation.

Thriving Points:

  • The diagnosis allowed me to look at my life and do a self-assessment to determine what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and my purpose in life.
  • You have to market your business very similar to that particular audience of what it is and how you want them to see your business so they know that you can help them solve that problem.
  • My greatest challenge is helping leaders understand the importance of what it is and what it takes to be a leader because it takes a lot of time to spend with your team, to balance your work and your life, and it’s all about making sure that that leader has time for him or herself so that they can be the best that they can be.
  • I realized I needed to speak more about the importance of being a good leader, being a strong leader, being an influential leader, and being a leader as someone who cares about people.
  • If I help enough people get what they want, I’ll get what I want.
  • Money is not the only currency, when you can have more time with family, friends and help your fellow man, to me, that’s just as good as money. – Linda Jordon

Get to Know the Guest:

       Linda Jordon is a wife, mother, author, entrepreneur, and breast cancer survivor who currently owns and operates five companies and is the Founder of her non-profit company, Breast Cancer Angel Network, Inc. She is also the CEO and founder of LRJ Coaching & Business Solutions which helps corporate executives and organizations redefine success and achieve more than they ever thought possible, and help their clients maximize growth while being inclusive in the workplace.

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