Episode 408: Business as Freedom: How to Build an Empire | Dr. Kimberly West

“Freedom lies in being bold.” 

– Robert Frost

My guest this week has mastered the art of leveraging entrepreneurship as a path to freedom. From growing up in an entrepreneurial family to leveraging corporate experiences to prepare for business ownership, Dr. Kimberly West has taken every opportunity to build the life of her dreams.

The gears of an entrepreneurial mind should always be turning, ticking, and constantly on the lookout for new business perspectives and opportunities.  As entrepreneurs, we should make the most of our time by shaping the future of our businesses, based on our experiences as employees and business owners.

Each day brings a new lesson to learn, so what better way to reap the return on investment than by applying it to your own company?

Dr. Kimberly West is a serial entrepreneur who owns not one but three businesses: Magnum Opus ConsultingGlobal Gastronome, and Ms. Kim’s World. She talks about her entrepreneurial journey and the challenges she faced as a woman of color.

Dr. Kimberly also shares with us some of the most beautiful countries she’s been to, the art of keeping an open mind when traveling, and ‘practicing’ as a means of rising above your circumstances, embracing who you are regardless of your gender, status, and color, and becoming the best at what you do. Listen to learn more!

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Thriving Points:

  • Entrepreneurship represents freedom: to do what you want, call your shots, and the ability to control your life and not be beholden to someone else’s nine to five. — Dr. Kimberly West
  • Think of it as Game of Thrones, an acquisition of some kind of conquest. You are there to take that back and to make yourself and your business greater. — Dr. Kimberly West
  • We’re more alike than we are different. — Nikki Rogers
  • Once you learn something, teach it to someone else. Pass it on, so the knowledge doesn’t die with you. — Nikki Rogers
  • Be open to new experiences. — Dr. Kimberly West

Get to Know the Guest:

Dr. Kimberly West is a former technology evangelist for Microsoft, a certified foodie, a person who loves to travel, and the owner of several businesses namely: Global Gastronome a company that provides a hands-on culinary experience, the consulting firm Magnum Opus Consulting, and Ms. Kim’s World where she coaches CEOs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses about the latest technology, streamline, and how to grow their business.

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