Episode 708: Overcoming Fear: Building a Dream Into a Multi-Million Dollar Franchise | Kat Eckles

Episode 708 Overcoming Fear Building a Dream Into a Multi-Million Dollar Franchise Kat Eckles

Owning and running a business and being an entrepreneur is truly one of the hardest things that you can do just because there’s so much culpability and pressure and there’s so much understanding required. It’s a big, big responsibility. So I think just being able to keep weathering the storm and showing up day after day is an accomplishment in and of itself.

– Kat Eckles –

How many times have we heard this story: a serendipitous event or an unplanned decision led to the genesis of a thriving business. What you’ll hear on this episode is one of those inspiring and captivating stories. 

Kat Eckles, Co-founder of Clean Juice, and her husband thought about starting a business for only 24 hours before making decisions that would ultimately transform their lives. That’s not to say that they made their choice at a whim, but were driven by their desire to be together and start their own venture. Fast forward to today, Clean Juice has grown from a single location to a multi-million-dollar franchise corporation.

Listen to this episode and hear Kat discuss the importance of being willing to evolve in business, overcoming major challenges, and facing your fears. Learn key lessons such as not being too dogmatic about anything – be it in business or in life, avoiding the trap of perfectionism, and the amazing world of agriculture.

Thriving Points:

  • We really started to dig in on what franchising was. We got connected to people. And we really figured out that it was probably the best way for us to grow. – Kat Eckles
  • Go back to trusting your gut and be intuitive in business. – Kat Eckles
  • Farming is amazing. When you really dig into all that goes into it – the hard work and just the intricacies and the small margins – it’s really incredible when you figure out how our food is grown. – Kat Eckles
  • We’ve matured a little bit as a business. We went for having a more consistent, offering versus just chaotic growing at lightning speed.  – Kat Eckles
  • We’ve learned to take our breath in business and see things through correctly instead of rushing to put a bandaid on the solution.  – Kat Eckles
  • I’m a big believer in meditation. The benefit is you’re going inside. You’re very quiet. You’re silent in yourself. – Kat Eckles

Get to Know the Guest:

Kat Eckles is the Co-Founder of Clean Juice, the first and only USDA-certified organic juice and food bar franchise. When clean eating expert Kat Eckles approached her husband Landon with an idea to start an all-organic juice bar, Landon quickly quit his corporate job and the couple relocated to Charlotte with a plan to open Clean Juice. Fast forward to today and Clean Juice now has 200 locations nationwide. Known for its delicious juices, bites, smoothies, bowls, sandwiches, and more, Clean Juice is a popular spot for high-quality and healthy eating. Kat is a mom of 5, wife, and entrepreneur with a passion for organic eating.

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About the Show:

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About the Host:

Nikki is a strategist and transformation coach who believes life is too short not to do what you love. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build sustainable companies and supports business leaders in developing the mindset, strategy, and connections to create thriving businesses and build legacy wealth.

Nikki is the CEO of The Bladen Group and an alumna of North Carolina A&T State University and UNC-Chapel Hill.

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