Episode 103: Setting Goals for Your Best Year Ever

Let’s ring in 2021! We’re only in the first week of this new decade and yet this year is already oozing with possibilities. A new year brings in new hope, and what perfect way to start visualizing and planning to have your best year yet – or better yet – best year ever!

But as promising as that all sounds, working without a planning blueprint is like walking in a dark room – you don’t really know what you’re doing or where you’re headed.

This is why I’m sharing with you five key components (courage, strategy, confidence,  consistency, connection) to help you achieve your goals and have your best year ever. Each component will address a specific problem that most people who are starting to build on something often encounter. Apply these five things to create a well-founded structure for your business, career or life mission.

Listen all the way through the end as I have an important mental exercise that we can all benefit from. This can help you level up your business, relationships, and bring in more opportunities.

Thriving Points:

  • “Set some goals that you can measure and reflect on throughout the year.” 
  • “Just be honest about where you are right now. Therefore, you can chart your progress and see where you will end up.” 
  • “You need people around you who are going to support you. These relationships are key to help you achieve your goals.” 

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