Episode 307: Thriving Through Wellness | Tiffany Williams-Parra

“Health is wealth” is not just a saying, it is a philosophy we should all live by. As an entrepreneur, your health is a valuable asset that supports your ability to work, think, and perform properly. By maintaining your well-being, you can perform at your best every day. Motivation, innovation, and success in business are rooted in your physical and mental health.

In this episode, Nikki is joined by a certified life coach, fitness trainer, best-selling author, motivational speaker, and serial entrepreneur – Tiffany Williams-Parra. Tiffany brings us along her journey from corporate human resources to pursuing her passion for wellness and fitness coaching.

They also discuss creating multiple revenue streams, the importance of business coaching, and why hydration and nutrition should be your top priority as an entrepreneur.

Tiffany is bringing together different wellness modalities, and ways of being healthy through her Phoenix Fitness Fanatics Magazine. Listen in and download Fitness is My Life App today to find the perfect balance of work and healthy well-being.

Thriving Points:

  • The things that I promote are all things that help people be extremely healthy in all the aspects of physical, mental, spiritual, and financial fitness.
  • The biggest challenge for any entrepreneur is learning how to balance it all. Balancing that human to human interaction, balancing relationships.
  • People should not deprive themselves but just be more mindful.
  • Have the intention to set your day right, do your body right,  make sure you have your nutrition,  and make sure you set yourself right.
  • When you step back and look at it, be grateful for the things that you have so you can open yourself up to be able to receive more.
  • Abundance can be many different things: health, joy, and people around you.

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Get to Know the Guest:

       Tiffany Williams-Parra is a certified life coach, fitness trainer, best-selling author, motivational speaker, and serial entrepreneur. Tiffany’s life-renewing journey began in 2008 when she found herself in bad health due to living an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. She invests time in creating a healthy lifestyle for not only herself and her family but enjoys teaching others how to do so as well.

Tiffany believes that by pushing through adversity, you can reach any of your desired results. She has learned to conquer her challenges and has shown that if you want long-lasting changes in health and fitness, you must be committed to practicing healthy habits consistently.

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