Episode 901: Cultivating Genuine Relationships for Business Success | Lesa Adeboye

Cultivating Genuine Relationships for Business Success| Lesa Adeboye

How do you transition from working in the corporate to finally starting and leading your own business?

While it’s not entirely impossible—I know a lot of people who took a leap of faith and started their own entrepreneurial journey—it takes a special kind of courage, especially for women and women of color to transition from the corporate setting to leading their own companies.
So really, how do you do this?

For Lesa Adeboye, CEO of Alliance Group, it’s a matter of presenting your authentic self and building genuine relationships. With her mantra of “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” Lesa reminds us that it’s not about being good at everything, but it’s about knowing how to make real partnerships and identify the best people to engage when opportunities arise.
In this episode, Lesa and I talk about her knowledge of govcon and how the desire for freedom motivated her to start her successful business after over 20 years in corporate.

Thriving Points:

  • I wasn’t fearful about anything. But I made a lot of mistakes. Coming out of corporate, I thought I knew everything, so I had to learn that business is a whole other beast. I had to humble myself, but that took some time. I made a lot of mistakes but I learned a lot from the mistakes that I’ve made. – Lesa Adeboye
  • What I have learned—and it’s taken a while—is bringing my authentic self to the table and making genuine relationships, doing business with the people that my personality resonates with. – Lesa Adeboye
  • There’s no reason to pretend like you know how to do something. It’s just really being settled in who you are, bringing your authentic self, and really understanding what your core capabilities are and marketing those. – Lesa Adeboye
  • I love women-owned businesses because I see it as an avenue to freedom. Entrepreneurship is an avenue to freedom. – Lesa Adeboye
  • I believe all women will be successful. Just focus on your innate ability and your innate strength. – Lesa Adeboye
  • I just started learning what people do and then when I found opportunities or an opportunity came to me, I would tap into the people I know. – Lesa Adeboye
  • Partnership is key. Relationship building is key. Authentic relationship is key. – Lesa Adeboye

Get to Know the Guest:

Lesa Adeboye, the CEO of Alliance Group, has over 25 years of federal government contracting experience. Alliance Group’s corporate capabilities include management consulting, professional and administrative services, and visual communications (film, animation, and graphic design). Before becoming a business owner, Lesa served in roles that include Director of Contracts and Procurement, Director of Business Development, and Executive Program Director, for Fortune 500, mid-sized, and small businesses.

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