Episode 902: Rocketing to Success: Journey from Engineer to Entrepreneur | Sonya Hopson

Rocketing to Success: Journey from Engineer to Entrepreneur | Sonya Hopson

It may seem like the worlds of aerospace systems design and organizational development exist in entirely separate realms. But what if we told you they actually are connected in a fascinating way? Well, they are, and in this episode we’re diving deep into this convergence with Sonya Hopson.

Sonya is an expert at working within systems, and she sees the world through that lens. Whether at NASA engineering rockets, or assisting various government agencies and commercial clients with strategic planning, she’s all about putting the pieces together to develop a cohesive solution.

Join us as we embark on Sonya’s remarkable journey, from her early days as a practicing engineer to her impactful work at NASA. Discover how she transitioned into an unexpected role that led to teaching resume writing in a detention center, and eventually founded her own consulting business. Throughout her story, you’ll learn what it truly means to perceive the world as a series of interconnected systems and how you can leverage that perspective in your own business.

This is an episode you don’t want to miss, as it offers valuable insights into Sonya Hopson’s career and worldview.

Thriving Points:

  • I see the world in systems. I see them as pieces being integrated together. – Sonya Hopson
  • We help design, build and launch people, products and processes into their proper orbit. – Sonya Hopson
  • We focused on what we did well. We built systems. So it’s just seeing the world as a series of gears and pieces. – Sonya Hopson
  • Your child is unique. You have unique relationships, but it really requires a system for everybody to make it out happy, healthy, and whole. – Nikki Rogers
  • You have all of these people in the room with different focuses and different strengths, but they have to work together in order to make it work. – Sonya Hopson
  • Our job helps put everybody back to the North Star, identify what is their role and contribution to making things happen. – Sonya Hopson
  • We come in, we work shoulder to shoulder with our government partners to give them the solution that they can implement. – Sonya Hopson
  • Get clear about what you do and be equally clear about what you don’t do. – Sonya Hopson

Get to Know the Guest:

Sonya Hopson is a Strategic Partner of DVIRC and the CEO of Sage Services Group LLC. For over 20 years, Sonya has provided leadership on mission-critical projects with a diverse range of public and private organizations to improve performance and strengthen organizational effectiveness.
Over the last 13 years, Sonya has provided Training and Development, Organizational Design and Development, and Strategic Planning support to nearly twenty different Federal agencies, State government offices, and commercial clients. Sage has established a history of helping leaders and organizations in navigating challenging situations. They excel in bringing leaders and their teams together to identify strengths and limitations and agree on goals.

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