Episode 904: From the Front Porch to FAA: A Family Legacy of Entrepreneurship | Ronnette Meyers

From the Front Porch to FAA: A Family Legacy of Entrepreneurship | Ronnette Meyers

The beauty of the human experience lies in how its meaning evolves over time. For Ronnette Meyers, it all began with her grandmother’s front porch beauty salon, where she learned the art of braiding as a young girl. This was her first taste of earning through her skill – the spark that ignited her entrepreneurial journey.

From these humble beginnings, Ronnette became a senior leader in the federal government, which eventually led to her joining her mother’s government contracting firm. From there, she forged her own path, founding an IT consulting company, and continuing to blaze trails in govcon for over 13 years. Ronnette has leveraged her business acumen to guide her company in obtaining numerous certifications and flourishing year after year. She’s building an empire that includes, govcon, real estate, hospitality, and performing arts.

Amidst her impressive accomplishments, Ronnette firmly believes in the power of relationships. She emphasizes the significance of trust and confidence in her partnerships, an essential factor in striking a harmonious balance between her professional and personal life.

Listen in to learn more about Ronnette’s journey and how you can apply her insights to your own experiences.

Thriving Points:

  • Starting as a subcontractor allowed me to build past performance so that I could go after a prime opportunity. – Ronnette Meyers
  • Partnerships are key to developing good partners who actually care about you and the services you bring. – Ronnette Meyers
  • You meet so many different people who are already in the business who may have more experience and you want to learn and partner with them on different opportunities. – Ronnette Meyers
  • Being a subcontractor is a way to learn the business. Learn all the pieces and parts and not be the person on the hook for it. – Ronnette Meyers
  • Pay attention to your subcontract agreement. Ask and clarify clauses you don’t agree with. – Ronnette Meyers
  • The key is socialization outside of business because you really have to know people and understand their values. – Ronnette Meyers
  • And now, we are hotel investors. We invest in Broadway plays, apartments, and brand-new condo construction. Once you’re at a certain playing field, you can actually support these different efforts. – Ronnette Meyers

Get to Know the Guest:

Ronnette Meyers, President and CEO, has leveraged her extensive experience as a former federal employee and as a senior executive with a multi-million dollar, award-winning government contractor to create JLAN Solutions, a premiere provider of superior IT and management consulting services. Ronnette’s reputation in the government contracting sector is unparalleled, and she is a sought-after partner for engagements of all types. Ronnette is laser-focused on providing superior service and peace of mind to government customers at all levels.

Ronnette is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program,  the Small Business Administration Emerging Leaders Program, and the Inner City Capital Connections program.

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